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A new naming system for Richard Mille watch

RM 0XX -> RM XX-00

The Watch Quote™ - January 21st, 2013

In 2001, Richard Mille created the first watch in the collection: the tourbillon RM 001. This exceptional, efficient timepiece, which refuses all compromise and artifice, and features the hand-applied finishes required by very fine watchmaking tradition, helped define the values of the brand and laid the foundations of a new millennium in watchmaking. Eleven years later, the range is composed of almost 50 models, all designed, developed and produced by the Richard Mille brand. From tourbillon calibers to automatic movements, Richard Mille timepieces translate a watchmaker’s vision of various industries, such as automobiles, sport, aeronautics and sailing.

Richard Mille has decided to rethink the names of his watches in 2013 in order to classify them in families according to their characteristic themes and complications. For example, the models in the RM 011 family, all automatic sport watches equipped with a flyback chronograph, will be renamed the RM 11-01, RM 11-02, etc. Meanwhile, those in the RM 056 family of tourbillon calibers featuring sapphire-crystal cases will henceforth be known as the RM 56-01, RM 56-02, and so on.

These new names will also be extended to the brand’s new collections.