Which watches can be valued?

All the most representative of the watchmaking craft, or sector, including great classics for collectors. The one restriction is The Watch Quote™ only applies to watches in full working order and excellent general condition, with the original presentation case and certificates. If the watch is not in good working order, you cannot assume its quoted value.

How often is The Watch Quote™ updated?

All of the values we quote are fully reviewed every six months. Other changes may be made at any time on the basis of information received.

How do you value an individual watch accurately depending on its condition?

The Personalized Valuer gives a realistic estimate of the value of a watch, depending on its condition, and whether or not it comes with the original accessories such as the packaging and deeds of ownership.

Remember the following guidelines to its condition when valuing a watch:

As new: Never been worn. No visible scratches, no trace of impact. Original bracelet and clasp as new.
Exceptions: none

Excellent condition: Worn rarely, all original parts, in perfect condition.
Acceptable: a very few, fine and tiny scratches, slight marking of original bracelet.

Good condition: Worn well, perfect working order; crystal, case and winding crown cleaned and serviced regularly, bracelet with original clasp in good condition.
Acceptable: Small, barely visible scratches on case or metal bracelet requiring very slight polishing,( or change if leather strap).

Average condition: Worn frequently, not well-maintained, not serviced during previous 5 years, service required, need to check if still water resistance, case requires complete polish, some work required on mechanism, leather strap replacement essential.
Acceptable: Numerous small-to-larger scratches visible, possible problem with mechanism, crystal scratched, poor anti-reflection finish, bracelet worn out.

How to use The Watch Quote™ during a transaction?

The Watch Quote™ applies indicative market guidelines to estimate the re-sale value of a watch. The final sum agreed for the transaction will vary according to the condition of the watch, its interest as a collectible item, how rare it is, what else is available on the market at the same time, and how soon the buyer and/or seller choose to reach an agreement. In the end, the agreed figure may be higher or lower than the market price, what matters most is both parties are satisfied.

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