An event for those passionately interested in watches and refinement.

The wristwatch was never only a machine that tells the time, just as the automobile has never been simply a machine on wheels. Throughout time, timepieces have symbolised the quest for perfection in technique, art and style. For the individual with one, more than the right time, they give a symbolic personality, and sign of refinement and distinction.

The adventure that is horology, embodies the perfection of a synthesis between art and technology, form and function, engineer and artist, substance and light. More than ever, drawing on nearly three centuries of rich and mythical history, it embodies progress and discrimination, values that, on occasion, seem absent in our time.

Today, the wealth of diversity on offer and the democratisation that is the Internet, have created an exceptional context. Beyond the connoisseur, they offer a unique opportunity for all those who value the refined and exceptional to explore a new relationship through the knowledge, choice and discovery of this unique universe. This is the beauty of the challenge and noble mission The Watch Quote™ has chosen to take up.

Celebrate the return of the horology myth

The horology industry and the automobile industry share the rare privilege of owning an authentic image, inspired by timeless, lasting values. This inheritance comprises savoir faire, master craftsmanship, and a history that’s watered and fed by brands that are mythical and unique, such as Breguet, Patek Philipe, Rolex, Breitling or Panerai.

The constant development of the horology market since the end of the 1990s, despite the unforeseen economic events, is essentially due to an explosion of creativity and design allied with the power of effective marketing, which succeeded in offering the consumer an opportunity to find the brand or model closest to their expectations.

A real renaissance followed the glacial period that endured from 1975 to 1995, and was coloured by the manufacturing fantasy of global and universal form, which gave birth to a succession of soulless and uninspiring watches. Since then, horology brands have reconnected with their roots, and fully appreciated the interest of their founding myths. You don’t just wear a Paneria, you bear the Italian military divers’ legend, you don’t just wear a Breguet, you bear the royal tradition of horology.

Today, more than ever, the time has come to celebrate the wealth and richness of this fantastic inheritance embodied by the Horology Industry. For The Watch Quote™ that’s another reason why.

To preserve authentic values

The re-sale market explosion goes hand in hand with the renewal of interest in great horology. Boosted by the mythical brands’ power of attraction, it also contributes to negative effects, accentuating speculative interest, fraud, wild speculation, the black market and resale of stolen goods.

With the arrival of the Internet, the success of auction sites and the breakthrough of on-line commerce, these phenomena assume plague proportions. Questionable propositions that cannot be trusted are frequently advertised or found on sites and bulletin boards, ranging from a price with no relation to the real market value to the counterfeit distributed by independent virtual traders. For the uninitiated consumer or amateur, ascertaining the attractiveness of an offer in a jungle of flashing logos dressed up to look like horology’s biggest names is harder and harder. This parasiting of brands in a permanent bring and buy sale rebounds on an inestimable heritage, and will inevitably end by devaluing the brands themselves. That’s why the second reason for The Watch Quote™ is to guide and advise the consumer, and provide points of reference that contribute to the preservation of authentic value.

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