Watch Maintenance

How to take care of your watches

You have invested in one or several watches, and though they are objects of great pleasure or passion, they nevertheless represent a real investment. Consequently, you will need to get used to keeping your precious watches in good condition right from the start.

Make a habit of keeping the box and papers, including the guarantee, certificates, invoice and instruction manual, as well as other pieces, such as the bracelet links with your watch.

If one day, you decide to sell your watch, it will have greater value if it is “complete.”

As with anything mechanical, the mechanism of the watch must be wound up and working from time to time so that the movement doesn’t get blocked. You should wear your watch at least twice or three times a year. This will avoid any unpleasant surprises, and it will be a pleasure to rediscover your watches.

A watch must be kept away from damp and light if you wish to keep it in its original condition. The best way is to keep box and papers apart and put your watches together in one or several specially designed boxes in a safe place, either at home or in a bank safe.
For watches that you wear frequently, remember not to sleep with your watch on or to take a shower while wearing it, even if it is water resistant. Extremes of heat or cold and rapid changes of temperature can damage the watch.

On the other hand, you should clean your watch regularly.

  • Remember to rinse the watch thoroughly in fresh water every time you swim in a swimming pool or the sea.
  • Remember to have a specialist check the watch’s water resistance every three or four years.
  • Have your watch serviced by a specialist if it doesn’t work according to the manufacturing data, on average plus or minus 6 to 8 seconds per day.
  • Have your watch serviced around once every five years (just as you do with your car. Don’t forget, it’s all about mechanics!)

How to clean your watches

(to at least 30 meters)

Use a soft brush (e.g. an old toothbrush) with soap or shampoo, or if the watch is very dirty, a standard household cleaning product, such as CIF.

Make sure the winding crown is well screwed in, and remove the bracelet if it is not water resistant (i.e. metal or rubber). Clean and rinse the case and where appropriate, the bracelet. Rub and clean the case with a soft damp cloth, then wipe and dry the watch with a soft dry cloth.

(where water resistance cannot be guaranteed)

Do not put your watch directly in contact with water.
Remove the bracelet, then rub and clean the case with a soft damp cloth.
Once the case is damp, you can use the brush to finish cleaning right into the smallest corners.
Repeat the operation with the damp cloth to remove the last of the dirt, then wipe and dry the watch with a soft dry cloth.

You can also clean your watch with cotton buds and stain remover to get rid of the worst of the dirt and traces of grease. This can be done without risk, as there is no water involved.

If you have a watch with an acrylic crystal that is very slightly scratched, give it gentle rub clockwise with light circular movements with a soft cloth and a little Miror - the results will surprise you.


All bracelets need special attention if you wish to keep them looking good as new and make them last longer. If you wear the watch frequently, remember to clean it at least twice a year to get rid of traces of dirt and perspiration.
  • Metal or rubber bracelet:
    Clean as described for a water resistant watch.

  • Leather bracelet:
    Clear water and a very small quantity of soap will be sufficient, with a soft brush to clean the seams and inside surface of the bracelet. Then rinse and dry with a soft cloth and leave to dry at room temperature, away from any source of heat such as radiators etc.
Remember also to rinse your watch thoroughly in clear water after swimming in a swimming pool or the sea.

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