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Tantalizes with a new limited-edition Chronograph

Tantalum’s rarity as a metal, only 88 models
of this chronograph will be made

The Watch Quote™ - July 15th, 2008

Geneva, 15 July 2008 — In Wyler Genève’s latest limited-edition chronopgraph, the precious metal tantalum is used to make a new ultra-resistant body for the brand’s shock-absorbing case. In keeping with tantalum’s rarity as a metal, only 88 models of this chronograph will be made available worldwide.

For his misdeeds in Greek mythology, the god Tantalus was condemned to stand knee-deep in water with fresh fruit hanging over his head. Whenever he stooped to drink the water, it would recede out of reach; whenever he reached to grab the fruit, the branches would always be beyond his grasp. This analogy spawned the verb “to tantalise”, referring to any attempt to tease someone with something desirable whilst keeping it out of their reach. The derivation also proved apt for the metal discovered in 1802 by Swedish chemist Anders Ekeberg that resists corrosion by acids (even, notably, the aqua regia that can dissolve gold and platinum).

Tantalisingly, Wyler Genève is only making 88 models of its chronograph in this dark blue-grey metal. Each has the familiar shock-absorbing design, in which the tantalum plates are fixed, by means of spring-mounted screws, to a carbon fibre frame that holds the freely-moving titanium container housing the mechanical movement. The latter is a self-winding chronograph mechanism with a 42-hour power reserve and a high-quality decorative circular graining finish on all bridges as well as a personalized black rotor with Wyler Genève engraving.

The dial of the Wyler Genève chronograph is highly complicated, since all its elements (minute ring, Arabic numerals and surrounding rings) are individually applied to the dial and sealed from the back, even the individual letters of the Wyler name. The luminous hour and minute hands are set using the rubber-coated crown, which can only be operated once the tantalum bar protecting it has been slid out on both sides. The chronograph functions (start/stop and reset) are operated by the stylised pushers in the form of car pedals. On this limited-edition tantalum version, the matt black dial and rhodium-plated Arabic numerals and counter rings match perfectly with the dark sheen of tantalum and the natural black rubber strap.

In terms of resistance, the titanium movement holder of the Wyler Genève chronograph can withstand water to a pressure of 50 atmospheres. On dry land, however, the watch has already defied attempts to crush it by driving over it in a car and dropping it off a platform 3 metres high on its recent Taiwan launch. In its new rare metal guise, it will continue to tantalize those who seek to disprove its claims of shock resistance.

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